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The Best Food & Wine Tours
in Georgia

The country of Georgia has one of the lustiest gastronomic cultures in the world with a winemaking tradition that goes back some 8000 years.


Today, we are in the midst of a culinary renaissance as local chefs and growers are taking the concept of Georgian cuisine to new heights, whether riffing on venerated recipes or recovering forgotten traditions and ingredients (or introducing new ones). Meanwhile, more winegrowers are revitalizing Georgia’s ancient wine culture with long-lost varietals and new expressions. The food and wine scene has never been more exciting.

Meet Me Here Tbilisi is your personal inside guide to this extraordinary experience. Through day, overnight and multi-day trips, we explore Georgia through our taste buds while our local hosts conquer us with their hospitality.

Graham H

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Photos: Justyna Mielnikiewicz
Georgian Wine by Justyna Mielnikiewicz
JM_GEO _VazisUbani Estate.016.jpg

Meet Me Here

Sometimes you just want to float away.

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“We really loved this tour.  Paul is the perfect guide to take you to the market to show you around."


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A day tour of the Dezerter's Bazaar with lunch and wine

JM_GEO_Giorgi Wine .006.jpg

Overnight trips to feast with our favorite winemakers.


A true Insider's tour of Georgia

Tailor-made Culinary Adventures

Meet Me Here Tbilisi is your personal insider, crafting gastronomic and cultural holidays and excursions based on your desires, tastes and styles.

From day trips to weekend getaways, multi-day adventures and honeymoon holidays, we tap into our extensive network of friends across the country who guide, run extraordinary guesthouses, conjure mind-boggling wine literally from the earth, and prepare celestial meals from the freshest of local ingredients.


For your own unforgettable, authentic  Georgian experience.

Zaza Kbiliashvili's son hanging out in Zaza's qvevri workshop. Zaza is one of the few qvevri masters in Kakheti.
Tomato salad in jonjoli and red basil at Salobie Bia.
Making "deda's puri" or mother's bread in Kakheti.
An amber Imertian wine made by Gia Chubinidze.
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