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JM_TB_Portraits .002.jpg
JM_TB_Portraits .002.jpg
Photo: Justyna Mielnikiewicz


                                 Georgia has been my home since 2002. A year earlier, I was on my way to Mexico when I somehow ended up under a palm tree in Batumi, sipping a warm beer at a faded plastic table, waiting for the train to Tbilisi. I probably should have made a left turn in Albuquerque. Then again, it’s a good thing I didn’t. 

I spent the ensuing years working here as a journalist, covering the region mostly for Eurasianet, The Christian Science Monitor, Deutsche Welle and was a columnist at The Moscow Times. Bylines I can boast of include Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown (where I was also a guest), Foreign Policy, BBC, CNN Travel, The Guardian and Roads & Kingdoms. I scored the coolest beat when Culinary Backstreets asked me to be Tbilisi's Bureau Chief in 2015. 


Meet Me Here - Tbilisi is more than a culinary travel company. It is my means for sharing what I love most about this crazy gorgeous delicious country. If you are into food, wine and adventure, you have come to the right place.​

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