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A 7 Day Movable Feast

An Insider's Tour of Georgia for 6-12 People


I was lucky when I first arrived to Georgia. I had the luxury of time and a local friend who guided me head first into the best the country had to offer. I have boiled that experience and the ensuing twenty years of discovery down to seven mouth-watering days visiting the country’s finest restaurants, meeting acclaimed chefs and winemakers, being guests at their homes and feasting like a local.

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September 1-7, 2024

Day 1 Gaumarjoba!

Our trip begins in Tbilisi over a glass of wine and moves casually to our first Georgian supra - feast - at a select local restaurant. 

Day 2 What It's All About

This day introduces us to Georgia’s wildly luscious culinary scene, starting with a tour of the Dezerter’s Bazaar, Tbilisi’s oldest and largest farmer’s market, to become acquainted with the ingredients we will encounter during the week. Later, we lunch over a tasting of natural wines from each major wine region and finish the day with our second supra, or feast.

Day 3 & 4 & 5 Wine Country

Big wine country, Kakheti, and the magnificent Alazani Valley. Highlights include: visiting a kvevri maker, shopping at the Telavi farmer’s market, experiencing an authentic village supra, dining in the artistic home of an accomplished winemaker, exploring the ancient city of Signaghi and much, much more.

Day 6 Inner Georgia

Explore the ancient capital of Mtskheta where Christianity was introduced and Shida Kartli, the heart of Georgia. Finish with a dinner party in Garikula, village of the arts.  


Day 7 Old Town Farewell

A guided stroll through Old Town and the sulfur baths, where Tbilisi was founded, and our farewell supra.

JM_GEO-WINEselection .002.jpg
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$3300 includes:​

Accommodation at boutique hotels (7 nights, double occupancy)

All transportation, including to and from airport

All food and wine  

All admission fees to points of interest



Photos by Justyna Mielnikiewicz
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