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Meet Me Here - Tbilisi 

Wine Cluster

Every day I see a new label on the shelves of my favorite wine shops and make a silent toast to all these people embracing the splendor of winemaking. Never before in Georgia’s 8000 years of wine culture have we seen so many independent winemakers bottling their wines. Some are rejuvenating long-forgotten grape varieties like chkapa, buza, and otskhanuri sapere, or playing with well-established varieties like rkhatsiteli and saperavi in the cellar to create some original, mind blowing vintages. There has never been a more exciting time to explore Georgia’s crazy wine culture than right now.


Join Meet Me Here - Tbilisi and dive into the lively world of Georgian wines with our Wine Cluster, an informal gathering that invites some of our favorite independent winemakers from across the country to come share their stories and wine with us at cool spots in Tbilisi. Through exclusive tastings and curated events, we not only learn more about Georgia through its wine, but we have a blast doing so.

The price of $25 includes four wines and delicious appetizers provided by our hosts. Our only restrictions are a 7 person minimum and proof of vaccination.

This Thursday, Dec. 9 @ 8pm, the queen of Georgian food, Tekuna Gachechiladze will prepare a selection from her Japanese-influenced menu at her wine bar Akrua San to pair with Irakli Bluishvili's gorgeous Kakhetian wine.  2 Ivane Tarkhnishvili St, Tbilisi

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