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Shida Kartli

The Heart of Georgia

Georgians call their country Sakartvelo, which means land of Kartvelians, while shida means "inside." Simply called "Kartli" locally, this region is the heart of Georgia and was famed for making the wine for the kings in medieval times. Ottoman and Persian conquerors fought over this land and decimated most of the vineyards while Soviet occupation industrialized winemaking. Today, however, Kartli is recovering and becoming one of Georgia's most fascinating wine regions with a climate hanging between intense Kakheti and temperate Imereti. 

Our trip takes us to the home of a local artisan, where we learn about their winemaking techniques, taste a limitless amount of wine and eat copious amounts of local, home-cooked fare before spending the night in a nearby boutique hotel.

Price: $325, includes transportation, lodging and all you can eat and drink, along with breakfast.

6 person minimum

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